Tips for Australian Shepherd Adoptions

Many Australian Shepherds for adoption can be found through rescue groups. These are ideal dogs, making excellent companions and are perfect for children, but given their high energy levels and intelligence, they require considerable time and devotion. Before taking part in an Australian Shepherd puppies rescue, you might want to consider their basic needs, and come to understand. Still, given the wonderful disposition of these dogs, they are worth getting, and looking into an Australian Sheepdog for adoption, instead of buying one, can have its own rewards.

There are many groups dedicated to the Australian Shepherd adoptions, but rescue groups, who are typically not-for-profit, can be some of the most committed and educated people – perfect pools of knowledge for those looking to acquire one of these dogs. Their entire reason for being is to ensure that orphaned Australian Shepherds find stable, caring, and loving homes. Some of the dogs that they care for have been surrendered by their owners for any number of reasons, while others have been rescued from pounds and shelters. Most often rescue groups look only to put up purebred Australian Shepherds for adoption, but they may allow some sort of Aussie mix. Looking to purchase through a rescue group has its own benefits, namely in that they do not accept vicious or dangerous dogs, and therefore do not put those types of dog up for adoption. Those seeking to find a dog from an Aussie rescue group will mostly likely be required to fill out an application form that helps to determine if your home and family would make a good match with an Aussie, and to see which dog that they have might present the best option for you. Once that is done, a dog that matches your home and lifestyle might not be available immediately, possibly taking a few weeks or a few months to find a suitable match. The greater the restrictions you place on what type of dog you are looking for, the longer the wait will be. As is typical with most of these organizations, Australian Sheepdog rescue operates on a first come, first served basis. Even then, of paramount importance, is ensuring that the needs of the dog are fulfilled.

To determine if an Australian Shepherd adoptions from a rescue group is right for you, several questions need to be asked. First, and most importantly, do you have the required time to train a puppy on the first day it arrives at your house, ensuring that an unruly puppy will become a well-trained companion? Remember, these are very intelligent and adaptive animals, and with this natural intuitiveness comes a need to dominate, so a puppy needs to be quickly put into place by establishing who is the dominate leader of the household. Some people simply do not have the natural instincts, or the time, to curb this dominant behavior. As Aussies possess a strong herding instinct, when not trained or challenged, they may herd people by nipping at their heels. While this might initially be viewed as cute or endearing behavior in a puppy, it is less amusing as the dog grows older and so should be stamped out before it becomes an uncontrollable habit.

Another question to consider is whether you have the time to properly socialize your puppy from an early age. Australian Sheepdogs are an extremely protective breed, they will be naturally wary of strangers if they are not socialized properly early. If you are sure that you can handle the breed, but are unsure about whether you have the time and ability that it needs to be well-balanced, then looking to an Australian Sheepdog rescue group is the perfect thing for you. It is not only because of behavioral problems that dogs end up with rescue groups, some were lost and rescued from shelters, some were surrendered for other reasons. With all that Australian Shepherds have to offer, adopting one is the right choice for anyone.