Australian Shepherd Information

Australian Sheepdogs, more commonly known as the Australian Shepherd is known as one of the best herding dogs in the world, being easy to train and exceptionally intelligent. Contrary to its name, the Australian Shepherds are not native to Australia, instead coming from ranches in the Western United States. With instinctive traits primed for herding, this versatile dog also makes an excellent watch dog. They make perfect companions, being loyal, affectionate and playful.

Yet a dog so renowned for its herding abilities requires the same things that many intelligent dogs do, namely, attention and exercise. Australian Shepherds makes wonderful pets, but they can become easily bored. If left alone for extended periods of time they will get into mischief, chewing up anything that strikes their fancy, and being famous diggers and escape artists, it is far easier as an owner to simply ensure that they receive the care that they need. With plenty of exercise, an Aussie will have very few of these problems. There is a plethora of ways to keep these dogs occupied. Off leash parks provide the freedom to roam and run, while games of catch with balls or a Frisbee will give them the interaction that they crave and provide many hours of healthy activity. These are dogs that thrive on being in the middle of whatever is going on, be it camping trips, family walks, or simply hanging out in the back yard during a BBQ. Even putting them to work by putting a pack on them can help to keep them happy and healthy. They want to do something, anything, and that opens up so many possibilities with these amazing dogs.

Considering the sometimes demanding nature of this breed, it is often best to consider acquiring one as young as possible. This will help to ensure that it is trained early, and properly, becoming comfortable and happy with the people it is living with. When the new puppy is brought home, it is best to see that it has its own space, such as a kennel or crate, and the inclusion of a blanket and toys will ensure that he feels comfortable. It will also help in giving them something to do should he wake up in the middle of the night. Having their own space will provide a sense of safety and familiarity for the dogs, and will also working to keep the puppy out of areas where it should not be, and most importantly off of the furniture. Despite all of this, Australian Sheepdogs must have proper training as soon as possible to help curb their desire to play a dominant role in the family, a role that they often take while herding.

There are a great many facts about Australian Shepherds, but one of the most established is that these dogs have an abundance of energy and drive. At any task to which they are brought, Australian Sheepdogs excel, being highly motivated to please as well as being extremely intelligent. Outside of family unites; they play a number of critical roles that are a testament to their quality. They are used as guide dogs for the blind and deaf, as search-and-rescue dogs, drug detectors, shows dogs, and are useful for therapy purposes. Aside from all of this is their primary claim to fame, herding. On ranches they are used to drive livestock, cattle and sheep, and are happiest when given a job to do. By all estimations they make worthy family companions, contingent upon said family providing the Aussie with plenty of time and space.

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